Public Meeting discusses Draft Proposals

On Monday, May 20th, approximately 30 people came to a public meeting at Pilot Butte Middle School to see, hear about and give feedback for the draft proposals for the Master Plan Update.

After a presentation of that recapped the process, a progression of analysis and an overview of the draft proposals, Oregon Parks and Recreation staff answered questions from the public. The staff on the Q and A panel were Park Manager (Joe Wanamaker), District Manager (Susan Bethers), the District Operations Support Manager (Chris Parkins), the Natural Resource Manager for the Central and East Regions (Bridget Tinsley), Park Development Administrator (Scott Nebeker) and Project Manager (Rachel Hill).

It is clear that the public values greatly the duality that Pilot Butte offers – it is both ‘nature in the city’ and a thriving and important urban park with amenities that families and individuals use often for exercise, gathering, playing and tradition. The plan focuses on maintaining and improving “nature” by improving trail use (and social trail/rogue trail decommissioning) and native vegetation restoration (as degraded by visitor use and fire). Maintaining Pilot Butte as a park defined by nature is key. This means that the  improvements to the small areas where we have development opportunity must also be targeted, high quality and balanced with needs within the park and within the local area.

The conversation with the public focused strongly on the issue of erosion around social trails as well as discussion around the proposed formalization of access points on Derek and Lafayette. Most felt supportive of these ideas, however there was expressed concern over how that may impact parking in the neighborhoods over time.

The presentation can be found here:  Public Meeting 2 Presentation.

After viewing the presentation, we encourage you to take this survey and let us know your thoughts on the draft proposals.

The OPRD team will be folding the feedback into a Draft Plan. This plan will be presented to the public in the fall.

Pub Mt 2 for website

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